Is the answer to routines in phenology?

by | Feb 26, 2017 | Around Here

Can you feel the changes happening with the days getting longer and the small signs of spring starting to emerge?

This is the time of year when winter and summer take turns making that shift. We’ll have a few warm days, then that wild Wyoming wind blows in the next front (and often will see it out the door as well), then we get a few more gorgeous days.

Slowly those nice days will grow in number and the storms will become more summer-like. I smiled when I saw my first rainbow of the year this past week. It’s part of that shift.

As I was journaling this morning about how I love my current routine and how I used to try and hang onto them equally throughout the year, that “Ah-Ha!” moment happened and I could see a more natural and better way – compliments of my One Little Word® for 2017: Flow.

Holding onto the same routine throughout the year just doesn’t flow easily for me. But looking at the flow of the seasons gives me the answer.

It’s the phenology of routines that I need. So I plan to experiment this year with matching my routines to the seasons. Working like crazy on the computer or in the office when there’s poor weather (or just blastingly windy) and making space to play just as hard when the weather is nice. Balance.

And this is the lifestyle I’m aiming for – work hard to support the ability to play hard and have that play support the work. Luckily I adore work – it’s really play for me. Nothing brings me more joy that getting things done and checking them off the list.

I’ve been quiet here, but I think that’s also part of the flow. There’s a ton happening behind the scenes that isn’t quite ready yet for prime time, but will be – soon.

Am I crazy to think that life’s routines need to flow like the seasons? Maybe (not that being a bit crazy or quirky ever stopped me). I’m curious about your thoughts on this. Does this idea resonate with you?


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