Updates from West Thumb Early June 2017

by | Jun 11, 2017 | Geyser Watch

The thermal energy continues to slowly increase at West Thumb Geyser Basin. This dynamic geyser basin is used to energy shifts, but this one is pretty good and will be fun to watch what happens over the summer. At best, I’m hoping to see another geyser or two rejuvenate. It is nice to see West Thumb looking more like it did 12 or so years ago – at least in some areas.

Just a quick post here to say that I visited West Thumb on 4 June 2017 when I did a full photo inventory, and also on 9 June 2017 when I didn’t have time but to fly through. But on that visit on the 9th, Collapsing pool had changed from a blue and green pool to a blue one. It has been known to erupt as high as a few feet, but sending out a lot of water. That’s one I haven’t seen before, so this could get fun.

Collapsing Pool 4 June 2017

Collapsing Pool 9 June 2017

Also, Abyss Pool continues to heat up. On the 4th it was definitely a green color (indicating it was cool enough for microbes to line the crater – which is still hot enough to scald us, though). On the 9th, it was clearly a teal color – between blue and green.

They are working on the boardwalks right now at West Thumb. Deeply grateful this area allowed for at least a detour path so people could make the full large loop around the geyser basin. They will work on the boardwalk through the center section of the basin next where most of this energy increase has been seen. Maintenance crews are the unsung heroes of the park – really.

Abyss Pool 4 June 2017

Abyss Pool 9 June 2017

And know that Ledge Spring is still erupting as well. Blog post to come just about that and what to watch for.


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