Favorite Photos: A slice of July

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Around Here

July is always busy, but the busier we all get, the more we need a way to calm and center ourselves regularly. For me, this simply takes a bit of time in nature – just time to stop and be.

Even just working on photos taken just for the appreciation of the moment calms me – not for any particular project – but just for the beauty of it all – the details – the stillness. So glad I had this post to remind me  to find those moments and small details while in the midst of all the rush that just happens in July. It’s one reason photography will always be a love of mine – to find the photos that make my heart sing, I have to slow down enough to feel that. And working on the photos later makes my heart sing again.

August is upon us and there’s still some summer left to savor. Maybe for you it’s a gathering of friends, or a fishing trip, or maybe you just need time out on a hike or a horseback ride. Whatever defines summer for you, make that happen this month. Carve out some time to pause – even if your life only allows you to drink in the best of summer for you in sips instead of gulps. There’s joy there even in the sips.

So with that thought – here are some of my favorites from July. A few of them will make it into my shop (follow me on Facebook to get the updates of what I’ll add as Fine Art Prints).

My hope is that they help you unwind a bit as you enjoy this slice of July.



Sylvan Lake, Yellowstone
Details of sinter formations at Sawmill Geyser
Bison at Grotto Geyser
Not terribly far outside of Cody


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