SPLIT CONE GEYSER has the good fortune to sit near Old Faithful Geyser, but its 1 to 2 foot eruptions are so small in comparison that it has largely been ignored until recently. Interest in Split Cone was prompted by a study that pinpointed an underground chamber located between the two geysers that helps Old Faithful erupt. This brought up the question of whether or not Split Cone is actually connected to Old Faithful. Another study has been initiated using Ground Penetration Radar in an effort to answer that question. Naturally we are all looking forward to hearing the results.
WATCH FOR: The small splashes above the cone. These can be seen in person and on the streaming web cam. If you look on the side of Split Cone you will see a few seeps that have been there for several years. Seeps like this are common on other thermal features as well.



It may be easiest to simply watch on the Streaming Web Cam.


  • Connection between Old Faithful and Split Cone?
    by Janet Jones on 9 April 2015 at 15:02

    Today is an exciting day in Yellowstone for a group of researchers, and also possibly for those of us who watch the webcam on a regular basis. Starting today and going through next Monday (9-13 April 2015), the research team will use GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) to try and answer the question brought up by […] The post Connection between Old Faithful and Split Cone? appeared first on Yellowstone Naturalist. […]

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    In all of the documentation I do, I’ve gotten into the habit of creating weekly reviews as much as possible. It just helps to keep track of things and makes it easier to find information in my field journals. This year, it’s time to add in the Geysers to my writing schedule. So here we […] The post Week in Review: 1-5 Jan 2014 appeared first on Yellowstone Naturalist. […]




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