Welcome! So glad you stopped by.

Take a look around the new site as I share my photography and documentation of the Greater Yellowstone Area. Here you’ll find information on keeping field notes and field journals, information on what’s happening in Yellowstone as well as the surrounding gateway communities (with a focus, of course, on the area East of Yellowstone).


You love Yellowstone – but also simply being outside in nature. You want to remember what you see, so you document – take a photo, make a note. You love to learn and simply can’t stop.

I’m a lot like you, and by amazing grace and luck, I’m living in the greater Yellowstone area. I keep various field journals from the geysers and hot springs to wildlife seen to our everyday life outside the East Entrance to Yellowstone.

Join me for inspiration, motivation or simply to keep touch with what’s happening in the Greater Yellowstone Area while you plan your next trip to this amazing country.