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Watching water go the other way…

as well as many more not-quite-so-exciting thermal features of Yellowstone.


GeyserWatch is moving here – lots of changes happening this spring!

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Spasmodic Geyser Observations 23 April 2017

It's sometimes easiest to understand field notes by simply seeing how someone else keeps theirs. And since the Sawmill Group is acting differently this spring, I want to get my field notes out where others can see them for themselves. This way, if others decide to...

Sawmill Geyser is taking a break

As the summer 2017 season in Yellowstone starts to bring in more reports, there are some changes happening in the Sawmill Group. SAWMILL GROUP WHERE ARE THEY AND WHICH ONES ARE THEY? The Sawmill Group of thermal features is located near Grand Geyser. T. Scott Bryan's...

Updates from West Thumb – Early May 2017

Last week I took a survey flight with Choice Aviation mainly to check on the thermal features at West Thumb - in particular, I wanted to see if the geyser that started to erupt last August was still active or if the energy had shifted away from it. Below is a...

An excellent video by Yellowstone National Park Service

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