Janet Jones is an amateur naturalist living in Cody, Wyoming.

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Welcome! Yellowstone Naturalist is an online field journal of life in the greater Yellowstone area. Here you’ll find travel tips and advice from a local on exploring and learning about Yellowstone.

Hi there – I’m Janet Jones, a writer/photographer. One of the places I know best is Yellowstone, having grown up coming to visit family in the Cody area. Now I call it home. I’ve guided tours in Yellowstone for a local tour company. I visit the park regularly, and want to help you learn about all this area has to offer.


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From the changes in the seasons to the changes in the thermal features, plus travel tips to make your trip to Yellowstone easier!

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With so much to explore, Yellowstone is so vast that one lifetime is not enough to “see it all.”

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I write about front country geysers and hot springs, share my photography and observe the changing seasons. I also share some travel tips for Yellowstone from a local’s viewpoint.

When does Yellowstone open and close in 2024?

When does Yellowstone open and close in 2024?

With the summer season quickly approaching in Yellowstone, it’s time to gather all those dates of when Yellowstone is open or closed for 2024. While technically Yellowstone is open year-round, you can’t always get to Old Faithful or other interior...

Observations about the Area Above Plume Geyser March 2023

Observations about the Area Above Plume Geyser March 2023

Last month I shared this photo on social media: Social media doesn't allow in-depth thoughts. I want to share those here. But first, I want to help you get your bearings if you still need to become familiar with the thermal features in the area.   HISTORY OF THE...

The Heart of Yellowstone

The Heart of Yellowstone

Grand Prismatic Spring is arguably the most impressive thermal feature in Yellowstone. It's the third largest hot spring in the world (the other two are in New Zealand, if you're wondering). Its rainbow of colors are created by the microbes that grow in hot water. The...

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Janet's Books

I’ve written two editions of a guide book to West Thumb Geyser Basin. Another book is in the works that’s more general about the thermal features in Yellowstone slated for publication in late 2020/early 2021.


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