Where have all the rabbits gone?

by | Feb 12, 2017 | Journal Keeping

11 Feb 2017 | Ever since the last few snow storms that moved through, the rabbits we would regularly see have all disappeared. In fact, the past few days, I continually look specifically for them and find none.

Then last night while taking Rhad out (my corgi that’s visiting), I counted at least five different owls hooting from five different directions. Pretty sure they were all Great Horned Owls. Well there you go. I imagine the rabbits were easy pickings on the snow, and were picked.

It is February and their courtship most likely has begun, so listening for a bit, I tried to see if the calls were answered in pairs with any of them and I could only match up two of them. The other three owls I could hear didn’t seem to ping back and forth as much between each other.

This is one of the shorter stories that I jot down and get tucked into my Field Journal. This literally takes a total of about 5 minutes. 15-20 minutes if I get fancy with it and put the text on a photo. Here’s how the field journal turned out:

Keeping a nature journal is easier than you might think. All you need to do is notice when your curiosity is triggered and jot down those thoughts.


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