March 11 – Saturday Phenology Drive

by | Mar 12, 2017 | Phenology

The bluebirds are back! The image above comes from a friend of mine out in Wapiti who reported seeing the first ones arrive on March 10 this year. Often it’s just the males first, but this year quite a few pairs showed up together and already house hunting.

So yesterday I went out to see what all I could find. Knowing the location of the bluebirds made it tempting to head there for some photos, but in the end I decided to look for them in other locations. I also wanted to check on a Bald Eagle nest to see if it was active this year. So after a few items were checked off the list for the day, I was off for a few hours to just be out.

Above is a page in my phenology journal. Behind that page, the photos to match it will be added in pocket page protectors. Really, this practice of taking a few notes while out and about and writing it up a bit more when I get home is so simple and as it builds, these small notes bring me such joy – which is the main reason I do this. And I’ll be heading out more often now “just to check on things.”

You can, too. It’s a great reason to just get out of the house and breathe in a bit of fresh spring air.

Text reads:

2017 Cody WY | North Fork and part way down South Fork (of the Shoshone River)

Drove up North Fork this afternoon. Ice very thin on Buffalo Bill Reservoir. No wind let the pools of open water look like oval mirrors. 2 Bison near the houses in Wapiti (on the west end). Haven’t seen them down that far before. Flies out at the pullout just beyond Trail Shop. 1 Bison scratching on a gate post at Big Game Campground. Went up as far as checking on the Bald Eagle nest that’s active this year. Saw one chick and an adult in the nest. Went up South Fork to check on the Ishawooa Horse’s Head – not showing at all yet. Saw three ice fishermen on the Lower South Fork portion of the reservoir. Mom and Rick went all the way down South Fork to look for Mountain Bluebirds. Didn’t see any (neither did I). They also didn’t see any activity at the Red-tailed Hawk nest on Marquette Creek.


Be Outside • Take Notes

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