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This week I house sat at a friend’s house. One morning while sitting on the patio sipping my tea, I could hear Sandhill Cranes in the distance – they are gathering in preparation to migrate. On Saturday, I watched a mule deer buck rubbing his antlers on a tree branch to rid them of the velvet. The cottonwoods that run along the creek down below this house have just begun to turn a lighter shade of green – a couple of them have a definite yellow tinge to them. The neighbor’s horses wander that piece of property, making for a delightful scene. We are definitely stepping into fall here.

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Next week is Rendezvous Royale in Cody – a premier western art show that happens each year. However, as everything is done differently in 2020, this show is no different. While I’ve only had a tiny taste of all that’s happened to put this show on, I am astoundingly grateful to the good folks at the Chamber and at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West for deciding the show must go on and getting that organized within a month. I’ll help out at By Western Hands and at Open Range Images.

With all the big art shows closing down this year, two are carrying on: the one in Jackson and the one in Cody. Go, Wyoming!


In Yellowstone, Giantess Geyser had another eruption last week. This is good news. That means there’s a decent chance that Giantess might be erupting in a series. That means there may be a series of eruptions before it takes a longer pause.

Giantess is connected to many of the geysers on Geyser Hill. I have wondered if Dome Geyser’s activity was affecting it the most. This was just a hunch at first – when I realized that Dome Geyser was being reported much more often. The data collected on GeyserTimes showed a marked change of shorter intervals between eruptions starting around 2017. Dome Geyser also erupts in a series, so the taller spikes show the initial eruption in a series. However, while this looks like a possible connection, I don’t believe Dome has a logger on it, making it more difficult to know if it’s actually started to erupt more in 2017, or if someone just started paying closer attention. Ah, the trouble with citizen science. But – I’ll still keep watching and observing.

Dome Geyser information from

With the geysers, I’m most interested in energy shifts and changes seen. So, with the recent activity from Giantess, I’ll certainly pay closer attention to activity on Geyser Hill. With this recent eruption, I couldn’t get in to do a full walk around Geyser Hill, but I did have the time on the first eruption at the end of August. Watch for an upcoming blog post about this.


While working at Open Range Images the other day, I realized how woefully low my inventory has become. This is not a bad problem to have! Love that sales there are doing well. To that end, I’ve ordered quite a few more pieces that should arrive next week. I’ll share when those come in. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram if you’re interested in what some of my images look like on metal. I also need to order some canvas prints as well – just need to decide which images to order. The one I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out is this one.

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Bear Trap Custom Arts

Handmade Jewelry & Western Style Engraving

Elk ivory pendant by Bear Trap Custom Arts