Around Here Late August 2020

I’ve been relatively quiet online for the past couple of weeks. However, I’ve been crazy busy – in a good way – time for an update of what’s happening around here.


Bear Trap Custom Arts

Handmade Jewelry & Western Style Engraving

Elk ivory pendant by Bear Trap Custom Arts

Around here, there’s big news coming about a new way to buy my fine art prints online! It has a view with a couch and other settings to see what size looks best, but it also has an augmented reality so you can see what one of my pieces would look like on your wall! I’m stoked about this. I’ve got a giveaway planned to celebrate the launch! Scroll down to sign up for the newsletter or follow me on Facebook or Instagram to learn more!!

Around here, I’ve learned that Rendezvous Royale Art Show will land on the doorstep of Open Range Images on Sept 18 and 19 – the photo gallery where my work is sold. This is a big yearly western art show in Cody. Most have been canceled this year, but the ones in Jackson and Cody are still on. Go Wyoming! Kudos to the Cody Chamber for all their hard work to putting this together in 3 weeks! Usually, the RR events happen over at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. But to help keep people spread out and in the fresh air, the quick draw and live auction will happen downtown and online. Open Range will host one or two artists for the Quick Draw. It’s been time for us to roll up our sleeves and get everything spiffed up.

Around here, I haven’t been able to get into the park since August 4. Having withdrawal and scrambling to wrap up a couple of projects, or at least get them to good stopping points.

Around here, we have lots of smoke in the air from all the fires out West. The only local one right now is the Lone Star Fire.

Around here, I’ve been out a few evenings in the McCullough Peaks area to see what photos present themselves. The header image is one of those – “Cody on the Horizon.”

Have a great day!

Bear Trap Custom Arts

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