Repeat Photography Fall Project

I lived in Colorado most of my life, and I find myself missing time wandering through the mountains to drink in the color of the aspen in fall. Most every year there, the peak color fell on this week – from about the 20th to the 30th. In the posts this week, I’m sharing some of the stories behind my favorites. Today, it’s a favorite project of mine: repeat photography.


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Do you have a favorite tree? I always find one or two where I live that become favorites. When living west of Colorado Springs, this tree was neatly framed by the front door, so it was looking back at me whenever I looked out. It became one of my favorite trees on that piece of property in large part because I noticed it more often.

Back in 2013, I decided to do a bit of repeat photography in the fall with this tree as the subject. This is always a great project for any field journal, no matter where you live. Repeat photography takes just a small bit of planning ahead to do.

  1. Find your subject.
  2. Plan how you’ll find the exact spot again to reshoot the photo.
  3. Shoot. Repeat repeatedly.

For this one, it was easy. I stood outside the door that framed the tree, making sure I was in the center, let my height be the guide – lifted the camera to my eye, and shot the photo.

Following one tree throughout the year is often a naturalist program assignment. What seems simple on the surface becomes fascinating, the more you pay attention. Of course, that works with most any subject.