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You may have noticed that I’ve started to add in a few select sponsors for this site. Today I’d like to introduce you to Tour Yellowstone. I’ve worked for them for the past four years in various capacities and highly recommend them.

Tour Yellowstone Private Guided Tours


Grub Steak Expeditions/Tour Yellowstone has a long history of giving tours in Yellowstone, going back to the original family guiding tours in 1904. While the business has changed hands, and horses and wagons are no longer used, the fundamentals of hiring expert guides and offering exceptional personalized tours have not.

Bob Richard pointing out history in the Cody area.

Personalized Service

While many tour companies use online booking, or just gather whoever might fill a van or a bus, Tour Yellowstone works with you to create a custom-crafted adventure. Because of this, it’s best to pick up the phone and call Tim, the owner. He also offers fishing tours with his other business, Northfork Anglers, so there’s always a chance he’s on a river out of cell range. Just leave him a message, and he’ll get back with you.

Once you get talking and Tim starts to get a feel for what type of memories you want to create, he’ll work with you to plan out your adventure and get everything set up, including your lunches. He has lots of tips and advice to make sure you’ll get the most out of your tour.

Guides for Tour Yellowstone

Tours Offered

The most popular tour is the Lower Loop Tour in Yellowstone. This lets you see Canyon, Old Faithful, Hayden Valley, Mud Volcano Area, and more. You might have lunch while waiting on Old Faithful, or perhaps with a view of mountains and meadows while watching for wolves, bears, elk, and bison.

Other tours include:
• Upper Loop Tour (Canyon up to Mammoth and then over to the famed Lamar Valley and back to Cody)
• Beartooth Highway Tour
• Wild Horse Tour
• Geology, Native Traces, and Dinosaur Tracks
• South Fork Tour (1/2 Day)
• North Fork Tour (1/2 Day)
• Day Hike Tours
• Wildlife Tours

Baby bison in Yellowstone

What a day looks like with Grub Steak Expeditions/Tour Yellowstone

The day usually starts about 7:00 AM, but if you’re interested in wildlife, you might choose to begin even earlier – Tim will talk with you about that. Your guide will pick you up where you’re staying in Cody, or if you’re outside of Cody, will meet you at the porch of the Irma Hotel. Lunches, water, and snacks will already be in the comfortable SUV you’ll ride in. You’ll be provided with binoculars, and there will be a spotting scope in the vehicle as well.

Once you’re on your way, there will be a general plan to get you back to Cody by 6:00 PM, or when you need to return, but the day really is yours. You and your guide will make the decisions together. So, if you find you’re up for a mile or two walk, that could happen in various places, and your guide can help give you options. Or, if you want to spend more time watching wildlife, that’s easy to do. This is your private, guided tour. No other families or strangers will join you.

If you have dinner plans or want to catch the Cody Nite Rodeo, then your guide will adjust the timing to get you back ready to jump into the evening.

Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone

In Conclusion

If you want a truly private tour of Yellowstone or the Cody area, this is the tour company for you. Some people book just one or two days in Yellowstone. Still, others arrange tours throughout their stay to get a better picture of the entire Cody/Yellowstone area rich with history and places to explore. Grub Steak Expeditions/Tour Yellowstone doesn’t have online booking because not every tour is the same. It’s that attention to detail that takes personal contact to create your specific adventure.

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