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Watching water go the other way…

as well as many more not-quite-so-exciting thermal features of Yellowstone.


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Giant Geyser Awakening?

Geyser Gazers in Yellowstone yesterday had a great kick off to 2017 with a Hot Period from Giant Geyser.  They noticed Grotto Geyser was recovering from a "marathon" eruption - one that lasts a long time and drains the system enough to give Giant Geyser an opportunity...

Watching “N.O.T. Geyser” grow at West Thumb

This summer a new geyser broke out at West Thumb Geyser Basin just north of Thumb Geyser. People not familiar with geyser basins often assume that they're fairly static, and that after all these years, we know much about how thermal features work. The truth is that we...

Yellowstone is closed for the season

So grateful to be able to spend the last three days of the Summer 2016 season in Yellowstone. Other than the northern part of the park (from Mammoth to Cooke City), the rest is now closed to the public. I have to say these three days - especially Sunday - were...

An excellent video by Yellowstone National Park Service

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