What’s June like in Yellowstone?

What is it like during June in Yellowstone? When is the best time to see Yellowstone? These questions regularly arise when people plan their vacation to Yellowstone. This post is the part of a series that covers what it’s like in the park during different months. Today, we look at June.

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Average High Temperature F/C

Average Low Temperature F/C

Average inches of Snow

Average Hours of Daylight

(Info from NOAA)


June in Yellowstone is full of swollen rivers from snowmelt, and the hillsides and valleys green up nicely. It’s not uncommon to have snow in June, as well as rain and glorious sunny days. Expect any weather this month. Nights are still quite cold, and mornings can be frosty.


The wildflower season gets underway with species that bloom throughout this month and next, depending on your altitude. Early flowers such as Glacier Lilies first bloom around Fishing Bridge, and then they work their way up to Sylvan Lake. By the end of the month, wildflowers are at their prime in Yellowstone.


Grizzly bears are in their mating season in June (starts in May and ends in early July). Wolves are busy raising their pups who are growing quickly and are now often seen near den sites. These predators take advantage of the elk and bison calves as well, that are numerous. Birds are busy raising their broods with early nesters such as owls and eagles fledging by the end of the month. June is a busy month and a great one for finding wildlife of all sorts.


Generally speaking, the crowds are not as heavy in June as Yellowstone sees typically in July and August. You will run into more wildlife traffic jams this month, which is lovely when you have the time to stop, but also slow you down if you are trying to get to a specific destination.


How to pack for Yellowstone in June

LAYERS. Bring lots and lots of layers of clothes. One day might be winter and the next a warm spring day. Heavy coats and light jackets combine with multiple layers beneath to keep you comfortable in all sorts of weather and temperatures.

OPTICS. Spotting scopes and binoculars are essential as wildlife is usually out farther than you’ll expect.

SELF-SUFFICIENCY. Services in the park open in a staggered fashion, and more services open up in June. Check to see what’s open when before you go. Bring what you’ll need rather than relying entirely on the services in the park.

In Conclusion

June can be a spectacular month in Yellowstone, with the first half still firmly in spring. Spring snows are not out of the question, but the snow falls, and usually melts off in a day or two. The last half of the month slides into summer. Wildlife hasn’t yet needed to escape the heat by climbing to higher altitudes and can be found closer to the roads with their young.

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