Book Review: The Rise of Wolf 8

If you’ve had to postpone your trip to Yellowstone this year, catching up on some of the great books out there is a way to stay connected. I’ll be sharing some of the books I’ve been reading and recommend. Today, it’s Rick McIntyre’s book The Rise of Wolf 8.

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Over the years, I’ve stopped in the Lamar Valley and was treated to information by Rick McIntyre. I looked through his scope and other dedicated wolf watchers’ scopes on many occasions. Because of their generosity, I’ve had many opportunities to see wolves. I was always impressed by Rick’s ability to keep crowds quiet despite their excitement.

Reading this book brought back those moments as well as all the reports during Wolf 8’s time with us. Rick’s storytelling abilities bring all the drama in the hard lives wolves live. It is a book I highly recommend if you’re even remotely interested in how the wolf reintroduction has changed Yellowstone. This story tells how an unlikely runt of the litter used the struggles to become an amazing alpha male.

A Memory of Wolf 8

I remember seeing Wolf 8 as a pup. Driving slowly through the Lamar Valley and keeping an eye out for any moving “dots” out there, we suddenly spotted three black ones. Stopping to get out the scope, we noticed a gray one as well. The gray one was Wolf 8. They were moving in a line through the grass parallel to the road at about 300 yards out. That was too far to attempt photos with the equipment I had at the time. All we could see were their heads and backs rising into view and then disappearing again – almost looking like dolphins moving in a sea of grass. We went ahead of them and pulled out at the next roadside pullout and set up the scope again. This sighting was our first encounter with wolf pups, and we watched them cavort and play for a good half hour.

This book brought back so many memories, but this one was the strongest. The book is a relatively quick read – though I found myself not just gobbling it up. Instead, I slowed it down by reading a small amount each day to savor it more. I’m glad to have this book in hardback as a welcome addition to my naturalist’s library.

In Conclusion

If you know and miss Yellowstone right now or are anticipating your first trip to later on this year, reading this book will help and inform you in a delightful way. I look forward to the next book in this trilogy The Reign of Wolf 21, to be published on Sept 29, 2020.

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