January 4

  • 2015: Cody | Wapiti Area – Watched two ravens ‘dance’ on a fence rail. Courting behavior.

January 5

  • 2015: Cody Area – A wind storm started last night around 10:00. Gusts in the Clark area were reported as high as 113 mph. Gusts in the Wapiti area have reached 82.5 mph.

January 7

  • 2015: Cody | Newton Lakes – Ice fishermen report great fishing today at Newton Lakes. Ice is about 8″ thick.
  • 2015: Wapiti WY – Heavy frost this morning. Warm and muddy today – snow is gone. Washed the mud off the windows from the wind storm.

January 8

  • 2015: Wapiti WY – Warm much of the day, then upslope moved in from the east and the temps dropped into the teens.

January 9

  • 2015: Cody | Buffalo Bill Reservoir – Ice fishermen out on the ice.

January 11

  • 2015: Wapiti WY – Snow started falling by the evening. We could hear three Great Horned Owls before bedtime from a couple of different locations. Perhaps they’re establishing territories.
  • 2017: Cody WY – Woke to 6-8″ of snow. Ended up with a foot of snow by the time it ended later in the day.

January 12

  • 2015: Wapiti WY – 1/2″ to 1″ of snow on the ground this morning. Quite a few mule deer around the houses today. Someone higher up spotted some wolf tracks that might account for the reason the deer moved down. Warm, sunny and calm today.

January 13

  • 2015: Wapiti WY – Mule deer still hanging out around the houses today. Gorgeous weather – sunny and in the 30’s with no wind to speak of.
  • 2015: Cody | Buffalo Bill Reservoir – Heard a report that the ice was 8-9″ thick.

January 14

  • 2015: Wapiti WY – Sunny again, but the wind picked up mid-morning (20-30 mph)

January 15

  • 2015: Wapiti WY – The Mule Deer were all around in the morning but by evening had moved back up the mountain. Wondering if the wolves have moved out.

January 16

  • 2015: Wapiti WY – Saw three mule deer does come racing down the hill this morning and joining up with another two coming out of a neighboring drainage. Never saw what spooked them, but a neighbor thought it was the wolves still. He also saw his first antler shed of the year of a ~10″ spike.

January 17

  • 2014: Cody  | Buffalo Bill Reservoir – The previous week there were ice fishermen on the lake, but extremely strong winds came and blew the ice off the water and piled it up, leaving a large amount of open water. Read the full blog post. (JW)
  • 2015: Wapiti WY – We had 30-50 mph winds overnight that continued through the day. Saw a Northern Shrike looking in the sage brush bushes.

January 18

  • 2015: Wapiti WY – Overnight high gust recorded by the weather station was 75 mph. Rain showers through the day with 40-50 mph winds.

January 20

  • 2015: Wapiti WY – Woke to a skiff of snow on the east side of the house. Saw a pair of Golden Eagles – one flew fairly close to the house that had a single white tail feather. Mule Deer camped out just west of the house this evening.
  • 2016: Yellowstone | Upper Geyser Basin – Watched a raven pair ‘dance’ on the wind in the Castle Geyser area a few times – courting behavior. (JW)

January 21

  • 2015: Watched the Golden Eagle pair again today.

January 22

  • 2015: Wapiti WY – Gold Eagles seen at sunset in the same spot as yesterday. This time they were just a couple of feet apart just hanging motionless in the wind.
  • 2015: Cody | Buffalo Bill Reservoir – The ice is looking quite thin.

January 23

  • 2015: Wapiti WY – Overcast this morning with just a slight breeze. 32° F at 7:30 AM.

January 24

  • 2015: Wapiti WY – Saw the Golden Eagle pair again dancing on the wind.

January 26

  • 2015: Gorgeous day in the 60’s!

January 27

  • 2015: Clouds and wind built throughout the day.

January 28

  • 2015: Gorgeous day with no wind.




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