July in Yellowstone

Seasonal Phenology Notes from the Greater Yellowstone Area

On this page you’ll find July phenology notes for Yellowstone and surrounding areas (mainly Cody, WY). If you’re wondering what it’s like in Yellowstone in July – browse through to get an idea.

July 2

  • 2014: Cody | Wapiti and North Fork -The Mountain bluebirds at the Wapiti house left the bird box today or yesterday. Haying is happening as fast as possible all around the Cody area. This week is supposed to get much hotter and drier. Mariposa (or Sego) Lilies are beginning to bloom, the cactus are in bloom and the lupines are winding down. (JW)

July 4

  • 2014: Cody | North Fork and South Fork – Haying season is upon us and the fields are 3-4 feet high in most places. The race is on to get it baled and stacked before the next rains hit.

July 8

  • 1968: Moran Junction | Turpin Meadows – Wrens left the nest and [the breeding pair] set up housekeeping in new birdhouse. (Lyndall’s Journal)

July 11

  • 2016: Beartooth Highway – Snow and ice closed the highway today. Windy and cool in Cody.

July 12

  • 2016: Yellowstone | Upper Geyser Basin – Checking the Old Faithful webcam this morning, you can see there’s frost on the boardwalk.

July 13

  • 2016: Cody – Two tiny Mule Deer fawns were spotted in town today. Seems a bit late to see them so young.

July 14

  • 2016: Cody WY – Northern Flickers showed up with fledglings – so we know they nested successfully somewhere around here this year.

July 17

  • 1967:  GTNP – WO caught a 22″ 3 1/2# Cutthroat [Trout] and a 1 1/4# one. (Lyndall’s Journal)

July 28

  • 1966: Moran Junction | Turpin Meadows – The wrens are busy feeding their babies. Some young Sapsuckers are being taught by the old birds. (Lyndall’s Journal)

July 29

  • 1967: GTNP – Fished all day below the [Jackson Lake] dam – 4 or 5 nice ones and lots of small [ones] – The game and fish had dumped a bunch in a few days ago. (Lyndall’s Journal)

July 30

  • 1966: GTNP – Fished up around the bend from the dam [Jackson Lake Dam] – no berries and no fish. Raspberries are not ripe. (Lyndall’s Journal)