June 4

  • 1966: GTNP  | Moran Junction – Leopard Lily and Cutleaf Daisy at P.O. [the Post Office in Moran Junction]. Cool & Cloudy. 10 snowflakes. Fished below the dam [Jackson Lake Dam] – no fish. StarflowerHenbane & Biscuitroot and Blue-eyed Mary [in bloom]. (Lyndall’s Journal)
  • 2013: Yellowstone | Upper Geyser Basin – Shooting Stars in full bloom at Black Sand Basin

June 5

  • 2011: Yellowstone | Firehole Lake Drive – Indian Paintbrush all about to open – none found fully in bloom, though. Shooting Stars in bloom.

June 6

  • 1966: GTNP – Fished below dam [Jackson Lake Dam] – WO caught a nice big brown for our supper. Service berry is in bloom. Lots of swallows flying over Snake [River]. (Lyndall’s Journal)

June 7

  • 1966: GTNP – Rained a little and drizzled. Watched movie making. (Lyndall’s Journal)
  • 2007: Yellowstone | Craig Pass – Isa Lake -Blossom buds of the Yellow Pond Lily (Nuphar lutea) just beginning to show above the water, but none in bloom yet.

June 8

  • 1966: GTNP – Drizzled and rained. About 2 had cleared and fished at Bert’s [?] Bay – one nice Brown [trout]. (Lyndall’s Journal)

June 9

  • 1966: GTNP  – To Polecat to fish – 3 moose. (Lyndall’s Journal)

June 10

  • 2016: Yellowstone | Sylvan Pass – Stopped at Sylvan Lake Picnic area and “Sylvan Falls” pullout to see what was blooming: Sticky Current, Wild Geranium, Yellow Columbine, Serviceberry, Arrowleaf Baslasmroot, Spring Beauties, Globeflower, Glacier Lilies, Fendler’s Meadow Rue (or some variety of Meadow Rue) was just about to open up its blossoms.

June 13

June 14

June 17

  • 2014: Cody | In Town – Quite a few reports of brand new Mule Deer fawns being heard today and yesterday. Fresh snow on Carter mountain today as well as seen on the Bighorn Mountains. More likely tonight. Rain in town.
  • 2016: Yellowstone | Lamar Valley – Took the class, Mastering Your Naturalist Skills with the Yellowstone Association.

June 18

  • 2009: Yellowstone | West Thumb Geyser Basin – An American Robin gathered a beakful of grubs – likely feeding a brood somewhere nearby.
  • 2014: Yellowstone | Upper Geyser Basin – Snowing today, also in Gardiner.

June 20

  • 1968:  Moran Junction | Turpin Meadows – Grouse lit in tree by clothes line and ate leaves. (Lyndall’s Journal)

June 21

  • 1968: GTNP  (possibly Turpin Meadows) – WO caught 2 nice fish & lost a big one up near the poacher’s rock. Water high and fast. Saw lots of “trimber [tree?] swallows” (Lyndall’s Journal)

June 27

  • 1968: GTNP – Saw Stellar Jay at 4 mi picnic area. (Lyndall’s Journal)

June 30

  • 1968: Moran Junction | Turpin Meadows  – Snowed all night – but melted almost as soon as it fell. Everything was white this AM. (Lyndall’s Journal)



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