September 3

  • 1967: GTNP – Went to Deadman’s Bar. Fair fishing. Saw 3 moose. (Lyndall’s Journal)
  • 2016: Yellowstone | Cody to West Thumb Geyser Basin – The signs of fall are showing with the willows on Sylvan Pass showing yellow-green or green-yellow. Aspen along the lake have a branch her and there that have already turned. The Thimbleberry leaves are also half turned to yellow or there are hillside brilliant with their yellow. Colors near the ground are glorious. Elk were heard bugling occasionally in the West Thumb area, so their rut is underway. Bison have split up again and a brief drive to the edge of Hayden Valley showed only a lone bull in the grass by the river.

September 4

  • 2016: Cody WY – The rain came today, starting early and soaking the newspaper clear through. Later in the afternoon the rain returned to help put out the fires and clear the air of smoke (and pollen). After the storm, the clouds and the light pulled me outside to find some photos. I found some as well as five Sandhill Cranes practicing their dance steps in a field off Sage Creek Road.

September 5

  • 1966: Moran Junction | Turpin Meadows – Walked up the Buffalo, beyond the picnic tree. Caught white fish (20 or so) and a few trout (7). (Lyndall’s Journal)

September 6

  • 2016: Cody WY – Driving by Alkali Lake around noon, I notice the American White Pelicans that have normally been there were gone.

September 7

  • 1967: GTNP | Gros Ventre – Went for a picnic and berrying up Gros Ventre [Likely along the lower Gros Ventre River]. Got enough berries for 20 glasses of jelly. (Lyndall’s Journal)
  • 2016: Cody WY – No American White Pelicans again today at Beck Lake or Alkali Lake.
  • 2016: Yellowstone | West Thumb – A report came in that the elk are definitely in rut in that area and the middle boardwalk was closed for a bit due to elk activity.
  • 2016: Yellowstone – A video posted to facebook showed a gathering of Mountain Bluebirds somewhere in the park (possibly the Lamar Valley)

September 8

  • 2016: Cody WY – Saw my first Mule Deer buck that had shed the velvet on his antlers this year.

September 9

  • 2016: Cody WY – A report came in that there are only two American White Pelicans left on Buffalo Bill Reservoir. Also noticed a huge influx of Eurasian Collared Doves in town (is this their wintering grounds? Do they have an end to their range?)

September 12

  • 2016: Yellowstone | Upper Geyser Basin – First snow of the season seen on the Old Faithful webcam this morning.
  • 2016: Cody WY – First snow falling in town, but no accumulation. Snowline came about 1/3 of the way down Rattlesnake and Cedar Mtns.

September 18

  • 1966: Moran Junction | Likely Turpin Meadows – WO & RC hunted above Egnons – saw a cow moose. (Lyndall’s Journal)

September 20th

  • 1966: GTNP – WO & RC took WO’s boat and went trolling – too clear and glassy. Caught one small native. (Lyndall’s Journal)
  • 2016: Yellowstone | Sylvan Pass & East Gate – One Bison seen near Eleanor Lake on my way in. One the way out, saw one (likely the same one) at Eagle Creek.



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