May 1

  • 2015: Cody | North Fork – A Grizzly Bear sow and cub were seen just above Newton Spring at Newton Spring Picnic Area.

May 2

  • 2014: Yellowstone | Upper Geyser Basin – Marsh Marigolds and Spring Beauties blooming on the section of the path leading from the bridge over the Firehole River to Geyser Hill. Also spied some Yellow Fritillaria blooming in the Grand Geyser area and Yellow Monkey Flowers and Fringed Gentian blooming in the Chinese Spring area.

May 4

  • 2014: Cody | In Town – the first apple blossoms are blooming at my mom’s house as are other flowering trees and shrubs in town – just starting to open (and a call for snow in the forecast, of course).
  • 2015: Yellowstone | Fishing Bridge – Ice Out today.
  • 2015: Yellowstone | Sylvan Pass – 3 Bison that wintered on the North Fork of the Shoshone were seen moving over Sylvan Pass.

May 5

  • 2015: Cody | Wapiti – Good steady rain moved in this evening and through at least part of the night. Total of 0.27″ on the rain guage. Blooming: Locoweed, Death Camus, Yellow Violas, Larkspur, Arrowleaf Balsamroot.

May 10

  • 2014: Cody | In Town – Huge snowflakes coming down this morning that accounted for about an inch of snow that quickly melted. (Last snowfall)
  • 2015: Cody | Wapiti – A pair of Chukars circled our house and the neighbor’s house through the day – looking for a nest site?
  • 2015: Cody | Beck Lake and Alkali Lake – Quite an early evening friends had May 10th at Beck and Alkali Lakes south of the Greybull highway (US 14-16-20)!  Many of each species although only 2 Sandhill Cranes and one hawk.

Ducks: Northern Shoveler, Mallard, Bufflehead, Canvasback
Western Grebe
Eared Grebe
Marbled Godwit
Wilson’s Phalarope
Sandhill Crane
Tree Swallow
Cliff Swallow
Red winged Blackbird
Red Tailed Hawk

May 11

  • 2015: Yellowstone | Mary Bay – A pair of Ravens were spotted, each with a tuft of bison fur in their beaks. Assuming they are nest building.

May 14

  • 2015: Cody | Wapiti – Indian Paintbrush blooming as are Evening Primroses, and Larkspur. Nearly all of the Arrowleaf Balsamroot have been nipped off by, I’m guessing, the deer, though we’ve not seen them for the past two or three days. The rains we have received – mostly showers moving through each day – also let the first mushrooms to be found.

May 15

May 16

May 18

May 19

  • 2014: Cody | East on the Graybull Highway – The Sandhill Cranes took their colts out for a stroll. Fox kits were still near the den. Great Horned Owls still in the nest as was the Red-tailed Hawk. Watched a Northern Harrier float over the grass.

May 20

  • 2014: Yellowstone | West Thumb Geyser Basin – Barrow’s Goldeneye exhibiting some breeding behavior.
  • 2014: Cody | Pahaska – Grizzly Bears seen on the hillside above. A sow with two older cubs. (JW)

May 24

  • 2014: Cody | In Town – Cody received about 1/2″ of rain in the afternoon. Petals from the apple blossoms dropping all over town, and the lilacs are starting to bloom. Driving by the Great Horned Owl nest by the old Sage Creek Schoolhouse, we noticed it was empty. (JW)
  • 2014: Cody | McCullough Peaks – Every small pond was rich with the sound of Boreal Chorus Frogs. Blooming along the McCullough Peaks Road: Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Purple Phlox (starting to fade), Shooting stars, Bluebells, a type of yellow yarrow (??). (JW)

May 25

  • 2014: Beartooth Highway | Between Beartooth Lake and the Sunlight Basin Road junction – First report of an Elk calf seen. It was born minutes before being observed. (RH & MJ)
  • 2014: Sunlight Basin | Swamp Lake – Sandhill Crane still incubating on a nest there (first seen on 16 May incubating). Found in bloom: Pasque Flowers, Bluebells, Bistort, Oregon Grape, King’s Crown Sedum (I think King’s Crown – close to blooming. We didn’t walk into the Fen, but stayed along the road side. American Coots breeding. 57° F at the top of Dead Indian Hill at 3:30 PM – partly cloudy.

May 28

  • 2014: Cody | Near Town – A report came in that three baby Pronghorn were spotted today.

May 30

  • 1966: GTNP | Togwotee Pass – J & W. O. fished Birthday Lake [Brooks Lake]. Worms – thru ice (melted spot) – [caught] limit. Jim and Ben up to Clear Lake – frozen over. D & L walked circle – flower hunting – Shooting StarsOrchids. (Lyndall’s Journal)

May 31

  • 1966: GTNP | Togwotee Pass  – Fishermen to Birthday Lake [Brooks Lake] again. Not limit. Fish fry at noon. (Lyndall’s Journal)
  • 2014: Cody | In Town – A heavy thunderstorm moved through quickly this afternoon leaving 3/4″ in that time. (JW)


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